David Mabuza: Communal Land Will Be Owned By Communities, Not Traditional Leaders

Communities living on communal land will soon own that land, if Deputy President David Mabuza has his way. According to TimesLive, Mabuza told Parliament on Tuesday that the new Communal Land Tenure Bill, tabled last year and currently out for public comment, will provide for the transferal of ownership of communal land.

This reportedly means that traditional leaders who currently own communal land will no longer do so.

“In terms of customs‚ it is the people who own the land. Traditional leaders are only custodians of the people’s land. Because of these perceptions and at times conflicting views on who has a right of ownership of such land between traditional leaders and ordinary people‚ the government then is seeking to address this issue in a manner that seeks certainty and removes any possibility of unwarranted conflicts and distortions.”

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