A review on moringa tree and vetiver grass – Potential biorefinery feedstocks

Plants and derivatives have been explored for unlimited purposes by mankind, from crop cultivation for providing food and animal feed, to the use for cosmetics, therapeutics and energy. Moringa tree and vetiver grass features, capabilities and applications were explored through a literature review. The suitability of these plants for the bioenergy industry products is evidenced, namely for bioethanol, biogas and biodiesel, given the lignocellulosic biomass content of these plants and characteristics of moringa seed oil. In addition, moringa leaves and pods are an important source for food and animal feed industries due to their high nutrient value.

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Former Registered Pharmacist, David Foreman, gives opinion about Moringa Wellness’ line of products

BOCA RATON, Fla.Aug. 25, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Moringa Wellness, manufacturers of the highest quality Moringa traditional and functional food and beverage products, successfully continues its expansion in the American market by stretching the importance of the benefits of its signature ingredient, Moringex.

Moringex is a water-soluble and fast-absorbing ingredient that’s included into the formula of each Moringa Wellness product including its energy and fruit bars.

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Empowering communities

Moringa Cultivation for Green Fodder

Moringa can produce green fodder for livestock like any other perennial multi-cut fodder crop. It is fast growing deep rooted plant tolerant to drought conditions. Moringa crop fodder comprises of soft leaves & non-woody stem. It is highly nutritious, palatable and has pleasant aroma. It has potential to produce enormous biomass and promises to be the plant of the future in ensuring year round green fodder availability for animals.

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David Mabuza: Communal Land Will Be Owned By Communities, Not Traditional Leaders

Communities living on communal land will soon own that land, if Deputy President David Mabuza has his way. According to TimesLive, Mabuza told Parliament on Tuesday that the new Communal Land Tenure Bill, tabled last year and currently out for public comment, will provide for the transferal of ownership of communal land.

This reportedly means that traditional leaders who currently own communal land will no longer do so.

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